‘The Thrown’ Excerpt

Read part of my upcoming mythology inspired slipstream…


There were many names given to the world from those that were thrown into it, and after this casting are they named ‘the Róvyrr’, or, ‘the Thrown’. Before the world was inhabited by them, it was nothing. Before them, the world was barren, save for the threatening cold of the void.  

Vusa was the first of the Róvyrr to waken. After his violent rebirth, Vusa was struck by a great anger as he looked upon the desolation, and emptiness, of the new world looming beneath him. He saw that it was arid, abandoned of life, and such a fury swelled in him. Knowing that the others, still unawake at his side, would live no longer than he in such a place, Vusa searched hastily for their Keeper, who was sent with the Róvyrr, and possessed unique powers; powers Vusa hoped would be their saving, but the darkness was too complete for him to see it. So, Vusa reached out and felt the Keeper’s shapeshifting raiment, for the Keeper itself was formless, but it coiled tight around his naked body, and pulled down Vusa even faster towards his doom. No matter how hard Vusa tugged at the dark material, he could not prevail upon its source.    

With a burgeoning rage Vusa then reached deep into his life-force and, from it, ignited a fire from his very flesh that could shelter even the other Róvyrr from the darkness closing in upon them. It burned through his veins, his tissues, and, finally, it demanded his life. Looking one last time over the other Róvyrr, the First Man’s eyes fell upon the most beautiful naked form: a female with long, milky hair, her face relaxed in peaceful serenity, still enjoying the deepest sleep. With that lulling loveliness, Vusa’s eyes began to close for the final time as the treacherous Keeper’s darkness suffocated him, his flame gradually extinguishing upon his dark flesh…    

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Image © Walter Meyers
Text © J.R.E. Thorn 2019

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